Asscher cut diamond engagement rings are set with a step cut diamond so it wont sparkle like the brilliant cuts but it has a stunning lustre. Great care needs to be observed when choosing an Asscher cut diamond as this diamond will not have a cut grade on your GIA report so its important see it or an image of the diamond before you buy as it can be the difference between getting a poor stone or a beautiful one. Look out for the windmill effect to ensure that your stone is as beautiful as it can be.


The stone should be square so the length and width need to be as close to each other as possible or it wont look square


You may see the right length and width measurements but if the corners are too big twill make your Asscher cut look odd.


Not all diamonds look the same. The same rules of caution apply to the Asscher cut, make sure you have a nice looking stone or it will lack lustre and performance

The GIA are the leading authority on diamond grading, the reports are detailed and will provide you with all the information required to make an educated decision. Its useful to discuss your GIA diamond dossier or grading report with an experienced jeweller so you can understand how and expert will read the information.

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