One To One Personal Experience At Internet Rates
Would you buy a wedding dress or suit online without seeing or trying it on first? Diamonds, your engagement ring and wedding rings that will be with you for your life time are the same. I wouldn’t by my engagement or wedding ring online so I wouldn’t expect my clients to. Ring to call and speak to someone about it, give yourself time to research and understand what you like and why. Understanding more about something means that you’ll get better value as it will make you a smarter buyer. Apart from the complexities in choosing a diamond, cut, colour, clarity, measurements, fluorescence you have to also consider the right ring, the number of claws, the claw position, open shoulders, tapered shoulders, parallel shoulders, shank width, height how its set, and so on. You cant appreciate these things when looking at pictures online. One needs to see it in the flesh to appreciate if its wrong or right. Call us for advice, proposal ideas or any questions you have. Pop in or call for a chat so we can guide you through some of the unknowns and let us turn this from a confusing experience to one that is relaxing and enjoyable. No matter where you are in the UK we can offer you a one to one service and life time support. We work with clients all over the country so if you’re in Edinburgh, London or Dublin we can make your perfect piece of jewellery. We want to be a apart of your journey together from the beginning and will be there to support you through the lifetime of any jewellery we make for you. Like the old Latin saying 


Si Vis Amari, ama – If you wish to be loved, love.




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